Hair Transplant Surgery: How To Pick the Right Clinic?

If you have experienced hair loss and have decided to have a¬†hair transplant, the most important question to ask now is: how do I pick the right hair transplant clinic for me? We strongly advise you research and investigate all your options as hair transplantation surgery involves precious donor hair, which is finite, and any… Read More

How Getting Sober & Relapsing on Heroin can Cause an Overdose

Something that happens time and again: People go through drug treatment for heroin dependency, and when they relapse, they suffer an overdose. They take the same dosage they were taking back when they were using every day, but this time, it’s simply too much for them to handle. It All Comes Down To Tolerance What… Read More

MythBusters: 5 Reasons to Stop Fearing Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Why are so many people afraid of cosmetic treatments? Why do people some avoid talking about or consulting a specialist on anti-wrinkle injections? The reasons are numerous, and we are sure you are familiar with lots of them. People may have heard horror stories about them, and thus they are scared to try it themselves.… Read More