A Few Things to Know about Teeth Whitening


Having yellow or brown teeth is not something that most people find attractive. Additionally, having your teeth shaded in different colors does not do anything to add to your appearance. For this reason, more and more individuals are turning to teeth whitening. Here are a few things to know before you have your teeth whitened.

The foods you eat are going to affect the color of your teeth. If you regularly drink coffee, tea, grape juice, and other dark color beverages, you are contributing to yellow or brown teeth. Even eating soy sauce can contribute to staining your teeth. In order for you to stop the continual process of staining your teeth, as well as to help maintain the results after your teeth whitening Park Slope session, be careful about what you drink and eat. This does not mean that you have to completely eliminate these things. Instead, use a straw to drink or make sure you rinse out your mouth with water after consuming them.

It is good for you to know that teeth whitening products that are sold over-the-counter, as well as those that are used in dental offices, come in different strengths. And the amount of time that you are going to have the product applied to your teeth is going to vary. Most teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is going to release oxygen molecules inside your mouth. They will react chemically and help lift the staining materials. Of course, the strength of the product used in a dental office is going to be higher than one used in an over-the-counter treatment. So most people are going to get better results when they visit their dentist and have teeth whitening sessions.

The results that you get are going to vary. Also, the amount of sensitivity that you have is going to be different than that of another individual. During and after your treatment you may have some gum irritation and other symptoms. Your dentist will discuss all of these things with you before your treatment session begins.