How Addiction Can Impact Different Areas of Your Health


Addiction does not discriminate as people of all races, ages, and genders can be impacted in one way or another by addiction. It is one of the few problems that spans all income levels as well as people in million dollar homes can have an addiction similar to a person living on the street. Addiction can be overcome but it does take work and there are going to be impacts on your health. For those addicts that have been using their drug of choice for decades permanent damage to their body has already been done. The following are ways that addiction can impact different areas of your health.

Weight Gain or Loss

Addiction does not just come in the form of drugs but it can also come in the form of food. People who tend to binge eat and are extremely overweight are much like an heroin addict but their drug of choice is legal. Being morbidly obese can come with a myriad of health problems and can end up killing the person. Other drugs tend to make an addict lose weight like that of cocaine or methamphetamine. Looking for sudden weight loss over the course of a few months can be a telltale sign that a person might be slipping further into their addiction.

Dental Issues

Drugs can harm your teeth whether it is through ingesting them or the grinding of teeth that are the side effects of certain substances. Visiting a quality dentist like the one at can allow an addict to see the damage that they are doing. If you are the parent of a teen that you suspect is using drugs the dentist can let you know as there are telltale signs of certain types of drug use. Plenty of users of methamphetamine get what many call “meth mouth” where teeth are rotting out of the body due to excessive drug usage.

Mental Health

The mental health of addicts can deteriorate quite quickly depending on the substance that they are addicted to. The psychological dependence on a drug can last much longer than the physical dependence and detox will take. For this reason there has to be counseling for an addict to find the underlying reason that they try to numb themselves using drugs. There are drug induced psychoses from drugs like meth as the users tend to stay up for days at a time using the drug.

Heart Health

Constant abuse of drugs can lead to severe health problems with overdosing on certain substances leading to heart attacks. People that combine drugs like cocaine and Xanax might not be able to feel their heart racing due to the anxiety medication that they have also consumed. This accounts for a large portion of overdoses on this drug as people take more and more cocaine as they feel like their high is being dulled by the Xanax. Other drugs like methamphetamine are also harmful to the heart and even alcohol can lead a person to have a problem keeping their blood pressure under control.

As you can see drugs can impact a wide array of areas of your health. If you think that you have a problem seek help as addictions tend to worsen making recovery much more difficult.