How does male testosterone levels affect the male libido?


Testosterone can be considered as the hormone that fuels up the sexual drive of men. However, a large number of men in the world fail to enjoy satisfying sex due to lack of testosterone hormone levels in the body.

In fact, low testosterone had led them towards few frustrating health conditions such as erectile dysfunction and lack of sex drive. Hence, it is not possible for such a guy to enjoy his sexual life with the partner.

Testosterone can create an impact on male libido

From the studies that were conducted in the recent past, it has been identified that testosterone levels are in a position to create a direct impact on low libido. Hence, it is important for all men to have a clear understanding about this fact. It can provide them with the opportunity to stay away from hassle and frustration in the long run. That’s because you know what has contributed towards your low libido levels. Therefore, you will be in a position to go directly for the appropriate treatments.

When your body is producing enough testosterone hormones, your libido will increase naturally. On the other hand, lack of testosterone can have a negative impact on the male libido. Therefore, your sex drive will reduce along with time.

Low sex drive can differ from one man to another. That’s because libido is not the only factor that can lead a guy towards reduced sex drive. Lack of sleep, stress and not having enough opportunities for sex can be considered as some of the most prominent reasons, which can reduce the sex drive of a guy. Therefore, it is not wise to point out testosterone hormone as the only culprit.

Most of the men don’t figure out their lack for sex drive on their own. They only get to know about it from their partners. On the other hand, there are few individuals who realize their reduced sex drive. They directly go for the treatments that are needed. The others tend to go for treatments only after they get feedback from their sexual partners.

Symptoms of low testosterone

As mentioned earlier, low sex drive is the main symptom that is associated with reduced testosterone in male body. Since we discussed about it, I’m going to highlight the other prominent symptoms that are linked with low testosterone.

There is a possibility for some of the men to maintain their sexual desires while having low testosterone hormone levels in the body as well. On the other hand, some people may lag libido, even if they have healthy testosterone hormone levels. But in general, low testosterone can be considered as the biggest reason why you experience reduced libido.

Facts are proven by stats

According to a study that was conducted by the Massachusetts University, it has been identified that around 11% of men who live out there in the world are lacking sex drive.

In the same research, the researchers have analyzed what percentage of men is affected with reduced testosterone levels. According to the results, it has been identified that around 28% of men who live out there in the world are affected with low testosterone.

The best finding that the researchers have extracted out of this research is that most of the men who are affected with low testosterone hormone levels in the body are suffering from low libido as well. Hence, it is clear that male testosterone is the culprit behind low libido among men.

How does low testosterone impacts libido levels among men?

For you to maintain healthy testosterone hormone levels, you need to have the concentration of it in your body for at least 350 nano grams per deciliter. If the testosterone hormone levels fall below this mark, you will become a person with low testosterone levels. Usually, the testosterone levels tend to fall below this mark along with age.

Both testosterone hormone and libido in your body are influenced by the androgen receptor trans activation. When your body is not producing enough testosterone levels, the functionality of this system inside your body will be impacted. Hence, your body will find it as a difficult task to maintain the libido levels as well. Even though there is no direct relationship in between testosterone and libido inside the body, reduction of testosterone can contribute towards the reduction of libido in indirect ways. This fact has been proven by the scientists from their experiments conducted.

How to increase libido?

If you are dealing with the negative consequences that are associated with low libido levels, you must go ahead and request for medical assistance. Most of the healthcare professionals tend to subject people towards testosterone therapy sessions with the objective of improving libido. In fact, testosterone therapy has proven to deliver positive results to men who are affected with low libido.

However, the results that you will be able to get from testosterone therapy sessions are not long lasting. As you age, the testosterone levels in the body will further reduce. Hence, you will find it as a difficult task to maintain libido along with time. However, it can be considered as the best solution available for individuals affected with low libido as of now. Other options include a more natural approach to use certain herbal and vitamin compounds to naturally and organically increase the amount of testosterone the body releases. You are able to find these kind of products on website as the Maleshop and other sexual enhancement websites.

If you believe that your sex drive has gone down due to low libido, you can consult one of the reputed healthcare professionals in your area. Then you will be subjected to the appropriate testosterone therapy sessions. They can help you with improving your testosterone levels as well as libido. Therefore, you will get the chance to experience the benefits that come along with an enhanced sex drive.