How to Make Alkaline Water


Alkaline water has become a trend in the fitness community. It easy to make your own alkaline water instead of buying it from the store. The recommended alkaline level in the purified water is between a pH scale of 8 and 9. Here are the steps he provided for our readers:

Step 1: Identify the pH level of the water

Water at its natural state contains a lot of toxins. The pH of natural water is usually acidic due to the impurities in the water. To make alkaline water, pure water should be used. Distillation is an efficient way to purify water. The process of distillation requires water to be boiled at 100 degrees. At this temperature water evaporates and the steam is collected in a cooling chamber. The cooling chamber cools down the steam back to liquid state. The cooled liquid is water without impurities. When a pH test is carried out, it should show roughly 7.0 on the scale.

Step 2: Mix in Your Desired Alkaline

The three commonly used alkalines are fresh lemons, baking powder, and drops.

Fresh Lemons

Fresh lemons are readily available in the local grocery stores. Lemon juice is an acidic liquid which later becomes alkaline during the digestion process. Lemons are anionic in their natural state. This is the property that makes it possible for lemon juice to be converted to alkaline in the digestive system. Fresh lemons should be used, and they should not be cut for more than 30 minutes. Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemons and add the lemon juice little by little to water until the desired alkalinity. Taste the water from time to time to avoid adding too much lemon juice. Never use store bought lemon juice to make alkaline water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has a high alkaline pH which makes it perfect for making alkaline water. It is also a common kitchen item in most homes. Baking soda should be used sparingly to get the desired alkalinity. Mix 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda with 1 gallon of water. Shake the mixture thoroughly and then do a pH test.


Drops are specifically made alkalines to mix with water to make alkaline water. Pay attention to the instructions on the label of the bottle. Drops can be bought at the local drug store.

Ionizing water

Water can be ionized using a water ionizer. What this does is run the water through positive and negative electrodes then separates the alkaline and the acidic water. Another option is buying an ionizing filter. It has alkaline minerals where the water passes through once its purified. The process takes about three to five minutes.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This filter has a fine membrane that makes it different from normal filters. The filter is so fine that the water gets alkalized when it goes through. The filter also captures most toxins in the water.

Step 3: Do a pH Test

Doing a PH test is a sure way to confirm that the alkaline water has the right amount of alkalinity. The test results for the lemon water will be acidic due to its anionic property.

With these three simple steps, you can enjoy your homemade alkaline water every day. The human body functions better at an alkaline pH. Alkaline water plays an important role in neutralizing the acidity of the body. Alkaline water coupled with healthy eating and exercise can improve the overall well-being of a person.