Legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada: Pros and Cons


Cannabis is agricultural products which are derived from the hemp plants and are mainly used as food, fiber, medicine, recreational substance and more. For a century, cannabis was termed as illicit drugs however, it was one of the drugs which were easily available and accessible to people. With a continuous study on marijuana and its related benefits states are now again eradicating the imposed restrictions and are legalizing the consumption.

The active components of cannabis such as THC and CBD reportedly offer lots of medical benefits. most of the states around the world have limited the legalization marijuana as medical cannabis only but recently Canada has become the first major world economy to legalize recreational marijuana which begins a national experiment that might could alter the social, cultural and economic environment of the region.

Majority of people supported the legalization of recreational marijuana as they have numerous belief, some of which states

  • Prohibition or ban on cannabis didn’t work then and will not work now as well
  • Some follow the argument from a libertarian first principle which states you are presumed to own your own body. Hence, people should be able to put whatever substance they wish to, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else and consumer bears the responsibility for the consequences.
  • Legalization of marijuana will somehow improve the economic condition of locals and might help divert money away from criminal gangs
  • Legal trade in marijuana would provide additional tax revenue and hence will indirectly benefit the civilians only.

With such positive arguments and support on the legalization of marijuana, Canada finally took one efficient step in dealing with drugs.  It is believed the impact and effect of recreational marijuana completely depends on the intake method and depending on it, it has several pros and cons

Depends on the way you take it for recreational purpose so I will classify them into different types of usage and their pros & cons.

  1. Smoking recreational marijuana with a bong, joints, chillum and other sorts of smoking

It works as a stress reliever, pain reliever, gets consumer high and chilled. It is believed that consumption of marijuana improves the imagination and creativity level. Help build a spiritual connection that helps understand the world from a different perspective. It modulates the neurotransmitters and spikes a chemical called dopamine which is responsible for focus, attention, pleasure, pain, and reward. Moreover, it relaxes the smooth muscle cells with the widening of vessel walls leading to a better flow of blood across the body.

However the possible side effect of continuous smoking of marijuana might include increased heartbeat, sexual underperformance, shows signs of aging. Smoking might affect the lungs but it is not the side-effect of marijuana but the intake method only.

  1. Consuming with all sort of edibles such as cakes, cookies or brownies

It is believed that edible cannabis has comparatively fewer health risks than smoking. Edible marijuana or cannabis can take around 30 to 90 minutes to feel the effect and the effects last comparatively longer. Moreover, the tired feeling which regular consumer feels after smoking marijuana is far less noticeable when marijuana is consumed with the edibles. When you eat marijuana, it produces more body-centered effects compared to smoked marijuana, and effects are more evenly distributed throughout the body.

The cons related to eating includes it works better for long lasting effect of pain relief and similar condition but it takes longer to work. It is easier to underdose or overdose marijuana with edible and hence one must measure the dose and wait for an hour until it takes full effect.

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