What Are The Laws For Driving Under The Effect Of Marijuana


Accidents due to bicycles have risen over the last decade. Though there can be several reasons for it, one of the major one being the use of marijuana. As per Vehicle Code 23152(f) VC.1, to drive under the effect of this drug is considered as a crime in many countries including California.

Why is marijuana considered prohibited?

Consumption of marijuana is said to impair the mental functioning of the rider. In effect of this drug, the rider completely loses his sensing abilities. It thus makes him unable to ride vehicle and that leads to several serious repercussions.

As per the Vehicle Code 23152(f), it is an unlawful action for a person who is influenced of marijuana drug to ride a vehicle. This drug is considered to be illegal as it has the same effect as that of alcohol on a person.

What type of penalties is prescribed for people under the impact of marijuana?

The different types of penalties prescribed by law about consumption of marijuana are same as that of alcohol consumption. Following are the penalties explained for people who have been under the influence of marijuana for the first time.

  • Informal probation for 3 to 5 years,
  • Imprisonment in jail for 96 hours and six 6 months,
  • A fine, and
  • Suspension of driver’s license for 6

What tests are conducted to prove driving under the influence of marijuana?

A court may perform tests to figure out traces of marijuana in the bloodstream. Positive test results obtained for BAC or blood alcohol content are considered reliable to detect presence of marijuana in the body.

Along with the chemical test results, proof of DUI marijuana also includes:

  • driving pattern of a person,
  • statements to the police,
  • physical appearance,
  • performance on “Field Sobriety Tests,”
  • presence of paraphernalia or marijuana in the vehicle or on the person, and/or
  • Evidence that shows a person is addicted to marijuana.

Signs of marijuana

Some of the signs that will be used by the officer to help in deciding whether or not to arrest a person for “DUI of marijuana” include:

  • Dilated pupils,
  • Increased heart rate,
  • Quick breathing,
  • The odor of drug (marijuana) coming out from your body,
  • Redness in eyes,
  • Dry “cotton” mouth, and/or
  • Slower reaction time

How can a lawyer help in dealing with such a case?

Understanding the laws when traveling is very important irrespective of the type of road, i.e., small, or large, quiet or busy, etc. If you get into an accident due to other’s negligence, then hiring a personal accident lawyer would be the right course of action. To make the right selection of the car accident lawyer, it is important to get as much detail as you can about their experience, capabilities, knowledge, documentation, etc.


Driving under the effect of marijuana is a legal offense. A person, who is found to drive it under its influence, is entitled to severe punishment by the law. Thus, to prevent facing lawsuits and severe injuries, it becomes your responsibility to remain abstain from alcoholic consumption.